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Episode 4: Prison Break…out!

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On a dark, dark Island….
In a dark, dark Building….
Down a dark, dark sub-basement…
Through a dark, dark correctional centre…
Behind a dark, dark composite, 2mm CR4 double skin, steel plate wrapped, fully welded, internal steel core matrix prison door, with viewing hatch, inundation points, anti-barricade facility and acoustic insulation….
There lived an idiot!

Fearing for his new friends lives, Wade hatches a plan to break free of his hutch and come to their rescue…only, first he must outsmart the tactical strike force of the Deuce & Gamble Security Team (BA HONS).

Will Wade reveal himself to be a tactical super-genius? Can he out-think a grenade? Or will it all end in a tedious inevitability that some how involves The Native?


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  1. Saggiehead Dec 25th 2009


  2. More genius! Spudtastic! Gloryhouse!

  3. fuck-tastic *CSHSHSHHS*

  4. Hey Dude Merry Christmas to begin with (sorry posted twice i forgot to proof read first time so delete other)

    Def liked this episode the best i know i probably say that everytime but i really liked the whole prison bit and the locations were really good. It’s very short but sometimes thats a good thing so i hope episode 5 isnt to long away ….

    I will start with the bad points and finish with the good points, ( I hope you don’t mind me reviewing it)

    if i had to say a bad about the episode it would be that the terminator spoof part was a tad to long…it was funny to begin with but yeah it went on a bit, (mayb you could cut the music sooner?) it’s the only real negative i got about the episode, but then some people might really love it so dont take no notice of me if im talking shit lol

    The good points (as already stated at the beginning) the end really cracked me up…lets turn the heat up and then he gets the blow torch out! haha i really did like that. the acting made it even better though. oh and him spinning on the chair was very funny to.

    forgot to mention before but red eyes on the advisor was classic :D

    overall its getting better each time keep up the good work my friend


  5. Jeanne Freer Jan 29th 2010

    I found the first 10 minutes of the 1st episode a little hard to get into, but I wanted to watch this because I know Bif.

    I have NOT been disappointed ! I am suprised at how well this has been done and how addictive and funny it is. I nearly pissed myself with the pink car, I laughed so hard.

    This is EXACTLY like a CBBC series they have on all the time. Low Budget, well acted, funny, not too serious. The girls are very believable and professional.

    I think you should put yourself forward to the BBC. Can’t hurt. You would just have to dub the swearing.

    I look forward to episode 5….there will be one, yes?

    Will there be any other series you are thinking of doing ??

    Well done. Jeanne

  6. hey Jeanne, heh thank you very much for the comments, very pleased you enjoy our show, its alooooooot of fun to make and we love every second (apart from the seconds where we hate it).

    There is indeed an episode 5 (in fact there is thirty episodes to the first series, so we’ll be around for a while yet!!). Ep 5 will be out v v v soon, its just being tidied and scored at the moment. This ep hints at a whole new dimension of the island unravelling, with new characters and a big leap forward in the plot, hope you enjoy it.

    we are thinking of doing other series too, alex (chief writer) has got several really clever ideas laid out, its just finding the time at the moment, but things will happen eventually. Please stay in touch and feel free to comment on any page of the site (i only say that cos you’ve been so nice…haha)

    ash (writer, director)

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