Britain’s #1 surreal comedy web series… presumably (We’ll look into it)

The ‘Handy’ island youtube post.

Everyone loves a good laugh, especially when its seeing ashs nipples (see previous post!) but its no laughing matter when trying to watch streaming tv and it doesnt, well, stream.

With episode 5 getting closer by the week, isn’t it about time to go watch them all again? We don’t bother doing a 5min “previously, in prison break (out)” or the bleep bleeps of 24, mainly as we have better things to do, like get on with the bloody episode!

Where was I? Oh yes, PS3 owners (ok, just Biff) have commented about their inability to play video from Vimeo at peak hours in the lovely HD glory they deserve to be seen in, so here is a round up of all the episodes so far, just click on the read more link below to see all the lovely hand island episodes in order ready for you to click play on…

PS. If you didn’t yet watch our tribute to “baby panda sneezing” then here they are:

And now, on with the episodes!!

Posted in Web series news by The Employee on May 15th, 2010 at 6:42 pm.

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