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Episode 5: I’m a nobody…get me anywhere

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Today is Colin’s first day of work.
All he has to do is watch some videos.
If he does that then everything will be…
….oh wait, he’s fucked it up!!!

With Hand Island accepting applications for citizenship, The Advisor has given Colin specific instructions as to the type of person he is NOT to select…See if you can guess what happens next??

If you said that Colin would rebel…then shut your smart-arse face! This isn’t LOST…stop coming up with spoilers!! God…no one complained about the predictable storylines of “Saved by the Bell”, did they?! You people…you’re the reason I have night-terrors!!!!!

Well you people and that Screech video…eeeew!

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  1. Top drawer!

  2. Garedd Harrison Jun 16th 2010

    Loved it guys.
    And it looked like the biggest laugh to film.

    Cannot wait for Ep. 6!!!

  3. Alex-Fantastic Jun 20th 2010

    Thanks…we always have so much fun making Hand Island, but this one in particular (due to the size of the cast) has been the most fun to shoot, to date :)
    Episode 6 shouldn’t be too far away now and we have already begun production on episodes 7, 8 and 9. We’ve even got plans to re-carpet The Advisor :)

  4. all i could find was 25 year old Beano carpet, ive positioned it so dennis the menaces face is on the advisors bum, do you think we’ll have any copyright problems?!?

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