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Bex James

Bex James Vinny Garrett

Bex James "Vinny Garrett"

Bex’s career has always been about the music, with her passion for acting coming a close second. From a young age she had always wowed audiences with her freakish genius towards anything musical, but between the music her thespian side had always carried her through to that next gig.

Her musical talent was first spotted during her Mother’s ultrasound, where Bex stunned the medical community by playing “Smoke on the water” on her umbilical chord. Later that year she went on to star in “Motorhead – The Movie”, playing the role of “Lemmy’s 177th aborted foetus”.

During her infant years, Bex became tied to a Steven Spielberg project which was to feature a young child befriending and protecting an alien from the U.S. Government. However the project fell through when backers became unhappy with the alien being portrayed as a lazy, Mexican immigrant, played by Jon Bon Jovi.

When it came to her education, Bex was fortunate enough to attend “Ronnie Wood’s School for those who got it!” graduating top of her class. But it was after graduating that her acting career really began to take off.

After small TV roles such as “Generic Dingle” in “Emmerdale” and “Rape victim #5” in ITV’s “Chuckle Vision”, bex finally landed a major film role, playing one half of a rock and roll duo in a small motion picture entitled “Bill & Chantelle’s Excellent Adventure”.

But once more the music took over, and in the final weeks of pre-production Bex pulled out to go on tour with her latest band “Slag Badger” – and subsequently Keanu Reeves was cast to play Chantelle.

This became a regular occurrence over the 90’s, with Bex accepting major movie roles, only to pull out at the last minute to tour with her current band. In fact if it hadn’t been for her cancelling her role in the recently halted James Bond production “GOLD ASBO” to tour with her band “MulletHawk” then she would not have ended up in the same jail cell as the Hand Island creators, and would not have been offered the role of “Vinny”.

Coincidentally Bex’s new band “Rape the Pig” will be on tour very soon…

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