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Alex Robinson

Photo of Alex Robinson. Actor & Script writer

Alex Robinson. Actor & Script writer

Alex’s illustrious career began at a young age, way back in a distant time known as “The Eighties” and has only spiralled to greater heights in the progressive years that followed. Although his name may be unfamiliar to the general public, he has had a great many roles in many important productions

  • 1985: Hired by the monarchy of The Mushroom Kingdom to deal with their poorly designed, Italian plumbing system. A large contract that would have paid well, if it hadn’t had been for the “bad reaction” to a red and white mushroom that caused Alex to run through the castle courtyard, flashing and holding a flower, before repeatedly jumping on the Princess’s beloved corgi, yelling “Die you F**king Goomba!” and declaring himself “Super”.
  • 1991: Concentrating on his charity work, Alex established the organisation R.A.F.I.R (Release animals from inside robots) which mainly challenged the battery farm conditions that animals were kept in by the ROBOTNIK Corporation. However, the charity was ended after a federal investigation found more than £3,000,000 in rings and Chaos Emeralds resting in a Green-Hill zone bank account.
  • 1992: Alex decided to take a year out to concentrate on one of his favourite hobbies; Street-Fighting. After a six month vigorous training program with former Gladiator “Wolf”, Alex entered the 2nd annual Street-Fighter tournament. However, the dream was short lived as Alex suffered third degree, electrical burns and a case of typhoid when forced to compete against a feral animal from Brazil. His appeal for “unsportsmanlike conduct” was overruled.
  • 1996: The next four years were spent in the military, culminating in his promotion to the special field unit STARS. Unfortunately his 36 hours to complete a 2 minute assault course had excluded him from both the ALPHA and BRAVO teams, but his exceptional ability to hide under a pile of coats until trouble was over did qualify him for the ZULU outfit…their main duties being to spray everything in Racoon City with “Cillit Bang”.
  • 1997: Mixing two of his previous careers choices, Alex fused his charitable nature and his military training and became a mercenary for the small rebel group Greenpeace. In an attempt to save the planet from the life-draining mega-corporation “British Gas”, Alex helped launch an attack on one of it’s reactors. Unfortunately, in retaliation a large metal plate was dropped on Guildford and the rebel group split soon after.
  • 1998: Alex spent the next few years isolated in the new-forest…of Hyrule; soul searching and re-connecting with himself. It was here that his love for music began, and his top 100 album first came to life: “Tri-Forcing it – 50 Ocarina classics”. This later became the inspiration to the hit series “High school musical”.
  • 2004: Living off the royalties he was getting from accidentally appearing into the opening credits of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Alex decided to use this period to help underprivileged kids and gang members in San Andreas. He started a street theatre group and was all set for success, until the opening night of their “West-side story” musical, when 19 kids were drive-by’d and a hooker was accidentally shot with a rocket launcher. The show may not have been a success…but Alex did get 5 stars!
  • 2008: Everything has been building to this moment; the debut of the widely anticipated Hand Island. Although with Alex’s track record, what does the future have in store for this production???

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